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People Strategy

Challenge: There is a clear business strategy to meet your market demands, however there is uncertainty as to how you are bringing the very best of your people and organisation to enabling the business strategy. This could be showing up in inconsistent execution, lack of capability and performance or cultural barriers to your ambitions. Realising shareholder value is hampered as a result

Our Responses: Previous work as been focused in the Telecommunication, Technology and Media sectors building value creating, human centered People Strategies. Examples have included building People Future State Visions, approaches for accelerated agility, and broad based plans to build a world class service workforce and a customer centric culture. These solutions have delivered major shifts in engagement, culture and the customer experience at a major Australian Telco. Equally laying the foundations for rapid growth with global technology companies – helping a Korean based technology company build an organisational road-map to accelerates its growth to 110% and reach its $1b ambition or a APAC technology SMB organisation that restored market share losses and elevated its growth to 35% based on a new People Strategy.